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Is eXp Realty Right for You?


My Favorite 'eXp Explained' Video

Many have looked back on these 28 minutes as total game-changers for them!

An Unbelievable Year!

In October of 2017 we had 5,000 agents... I was one of them #99 in Maryland.  As of 2020 we are well over 29000 agents and growing at a rate of 178% per year ! That is unprecedented growth!  Why does this matter?  Agents want technology, they want a fair split, they want ownership and they want to share in the revenue!

eXp takes a completely different approach to the real estate brokerage business! 

It is a successful cloud-based brokerage and because of this is able to function without a brick and mortar infrastructure. Now this is a major plus to eXp, because (as with many franchises) the biggest expense to RE/MAX, Keller Williams and others are the rents for the physical buildings. Couple this with full time staff, utilities, insurance, CAM and other various expenses, and the costs add up, and start eating away the profits.  eXp passes along the reduced expenses to our owner-agents!

eXp Introduction Powerpoint

This is a great collection of slides with a lot of valuable information about eXp!  Feel free to use it to demonstrate our value to others.

 If you told me in 2017 I was going to leave my current brokerage.... I would have told you that you were nuts.  However I knew something was brewing in the industry and I felt like with Netflix and Amazon that the broker-agent relationship HAD to change sooner or later.  I am incredibly blessed that I accidently found Gene Fredericks video "eXp eXplained"  It has changed my life and many others.  I am super lucky that I was able to get in front of the wave of this  industry disruptor.  Absolutely, Agents should be able to earn ownership and of course share in the revenue and helping agents discover what I have.  You should have the choice whether you want to pay for things you don't use and masterminds you don't want to attend. Or made to feel bad because you don't. So... don't pay for office space/staff/supplies/etc.!  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that eXp Really has changed my life and the way I choose to retire from Real Estate.  Thanks Gene Frederick and eXp Realty.  You have changed my life... 

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John Ruckman

Agent/Owner-eXp Realty

John's eXp Application Link 

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