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Free Real Estate Business Planning Call


Are you a hungry real estate agent looking for more?

Dear Fellow Agent:

Need direction and focus to sell more homes?

I’ll meet with you one-on-one to help you write a business plan you can implement immediately to generate leads, appointments, and sales.

I know how challenging it is to sell real estate.

You have discount brokerages, competing agents, and hundreds of ways to get clients (all are not equal, I’ll tell you).

It can get overwhelming to stick to a consistent business plan that makes you money.

My name is John Ruckman with CLUB 623 and powered  by eXp Realty, we’ve sold hundreds of homes.

I want to help you sell more homes.

I’ll learn about your needs, goals, and why you started selling real estate. I’m happy to offer my insight on what I would do in your situation to sell more homes.

I will also share with you what we’re doing that works to generate leads and sales.

Once I understand how you like to do business that’s authentic to you (referral, prospecting, marketing, events, etc), I’ll help you write a business plan tailored just for you.

You’ll walk away with a plan of action, with steps you can take right away, to find homeowners who will list their home with you.

This will help you get the commission consistency and the freedom we all want from our business.

Here’s what a few agents say about working with me…

"John  gives 100% of herself to her agents. Her patience and knowledge are on the shizzle ."
- Trina Shannahan of Baltimore , eXp Realty

"John  has timely and effective communication skills. She is quick to find a solution for any issue brought to her attention. I value her commitment to our team and going the extra mile (literally) to celebrate our successes."
- Eric Sharpe  Hollywood California 

"John  is a huge asset to have in my corner whenever I need her. Anytime I run into situations were I need help on a deal or have questions about a transaction she’s quick to answer or find the answer. eXp Realty gives us a cloud based office that gives our company instant access to tools to run our business, anywhere! Through the cloud, we are all connected without having a physical location!"
- Brad Ellis Belair Maryland 

You don’t need to pay a bunch of money to a real estate coach.

Why am I offering this?

I’ll help you for free in return that maybe, over the long term – and only if it makes sense - you’d like to learn more about working with our team or at our brokerage.

Let me be clear that is not the intent of the meeting. That’s another conversation for another time and only if you have any interest.

I also figure we’ll do business together someday and I would like to get to know you. I enjoy seeing real estate agents succeed. It’s fulfilling, and I love it.

I invite you to request a free one-on-one business strategy meeting with me. We can meet for coffee, or even if it’s more convenient, a phone call or a video conference works, too.

I have a questionnaire I would like you to fill out so that when we meet so I’m prepared to offer you specific advice. When you request a call, I’ll email it to you to complete before the meeting.

Look forward to meeting with you. Let’s grow your business.


John Ruckman



eXp Realty
National Harbor Md.
John  is licensed to practice
real estate in Maryland
EXP Realty is located in all 50 US States,
Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, Brazil, Puerto Ricco  and Hong Kong

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