Mindset is Everything

Not long ago, It was a particular bad day.  A deal hadn’t closed on time.  An agent who was blowing up my phone eventually let me down when it counted.  There were troubles at home and it seemed like everything was a badly written county song of POOR me.  Not to be taken as the song written called Pour Me by Morgan Wallen.

Life was a shit show and it didn’t seem like anything wanted to go right.   I sat down and just started dwelling on all the crap that could go wrong.  I started rethinking about my choice of professions.  I got my commercial drivers license, maybe go back to driving a truck . Amazon is hiring(  Amazons Hiring  )anything  to get away from the pain that I was feeling at that moment


Its been a shit show of a day

Thoughts of hurting myself…  Yea I know and   As quickly as they hit my brain they were immediately dismissed.   I was generally feeling bad.  I was snarky with my wife and kids.  Short!

So I post a lot of inspirational stuff, motivational stuff.  I put on music that made me feel better.  I went for a run to get the blood pumping.  Running seems to help alot.  Getting out enplaning my lungs.  Thinking about everything .

Then like magic  everything wasn’t as nearly as bad as I thought.  I got a call while running that the deal was going to close.   I realized that if the agent was going to let me down now she would most definitely do it again.  ANother agent called to ask for help.

Mindset is everything, I thought as this ran thought my brain like a run away locomotive.   Nothing is nearly as bad as we make it out to be and if you really think about it.  These thoughts last a  short time.

I know we are living with COVID

A masked sociality that seems to put even more of a gap between people .

While running I got a few smiles and I knew that no matter what, I am responsible for my mindset.  You cant think sad and happy thoughts at the same time.    So, the next time something bad happens dismiss it as quick as a hickory tic and be happy.   Give Thanks.    I am thankful that I have a warm house, a car to drive and a job ( career) .  Actually I am pretty happy as I am a realtor with Exp Realty .  I make my own hours, I am my own boss and there are tons of opportunity to help people.

There are a ton of ways to make money here.  What’s not to love.

Yes God,  I hear you.  Mindset is Everything   nothing last forever and the sad feelings quickly left with the notes of a good song.


All Better 🙂