Realtor Uncut OMG!! I can’t believe that agent did that!!! 2

Omg. I can’t believe that agent did that!! Ultimately and why I left Prudential. I was new and just got my license to practice real Estate. I’m not to bright and I was very trustworthy. Which to this day is still the true. Even thought as of last week something happened to literarily knock the wind out of my sales.
Anyways I was new and had gotten a listing appointment. I didn’t have a cell phone yet and still using the office line. Another reason why brick and mortar offices are dead. As an agent you cannot control what happens between the phone call to front desk forwarded to you.
Ok. Day of the listing appointment my soon to be client gets a knock at the front door from a delivery person. My clients dog decides to run out the front door into the road where it’s promptly granted a first class ticket to heaven. Yep that’s the phone call I get. So we’re postpone the listing appointment for the following week. I call the day before from the office phone to confirm and get a voicemail. I leave a message. I go to lunch
Sometime during my lunch the floor duty agent (they were a thing then) intercepts my clients calling me back
I tried calling my clients however My clients just started to ghost me.
A week later I see the house is listed with none other then the floor agent.
I was puzzled , I called the floor duty and now listing agent to ask how she got the listing. Figuring it was a family member or something . Her response “none of your business” I spoke to the manager and asked. Again was told none of my business.
I figured my people called back on the office line. Floor duty agent intercepted the call and stole the lead.
Yep this happened and my exit to