Realtor Uncut OMG!! I can’t believe this agent did this?

OMG I cant believe that agent did that.

I was  a few years and I had just temporarily switched to a company called Maxre.  You know the one with the balloon. My expertise was cold calling Expired ( people who were on the market but expired ) and  FSBOS ( people were trying to sell their home themselves)

No one knew who I was at the new company because agents rarely were in the office, but it just so happened, I was sharing office space with another agent.   There was also the floor duty agent.  This is the agent who hides in the office and hope someone calls on a company sign.  Now a days this just gets forwarded to the listing agent.  (agent who is marketing the home)

First Mistake, I was using the office phone and that was my call back number.

OMG!!  I can’t believe this agent did this!!

About an hour into my phone calls I take a break from the calling.  I walk around and the floor duty agent who was this nice lady(Lets call her Karen Rice- name change to protect stupid)  proceeds to say “ I didn’t know  anyone was here, are you new?”  I responded yes I am.  I am here making my calls.

I excused myself and go back to making my calls.

Another hour goes by and I am now finished calling my list and I’m in the work room area now doing paperwork.

I cant believe you you did this

Because of the nature of the beast the floor duty agent Karen Rice  walks around to what can be called a water cooler chat and proceeds to tell me how someone called the duty desk earlier looking for John ( me ) because I had just called and she wanted me to come out to look at and then list the home.  (475000) or 14k commission

That she didn’t know any John but figured it was from her old company.  So she just called that company (one is not related to the other ) and gave the lead to her old broker ????!!!!


My name is John and I was the one who called.  Why in the world would you give a lead  to another company, why didn’t you use the intercom.   WHY WHY WHY??

The agent was apologetic and gave me the number.  I immediately called however the broker who had gotten this free gift was already there and listed the home.


The home was on the market for about 5 days and then sold.


Yes this happened and it’s a seminar on why I will never use another call back number other then my own.