How do you begin as as brand new realtor when you have no money?

OK, you just passed your national test, now what ?

First of all you can choose any Brokerage that you want to join. IN fact this is a fun part as the headhunters will email, call, text and send smoke signals to help you choose their brokerages.
Its really important to find a brokerage that you won't get lost by being new. You need a clear path, someone who is willing to mentor you and stick by your side. Not an invisible manager who doesn't have any time.
You see if you dont know what do you will fall for every magic bullet pitch coming down the pike. Unfortunately all too often you will unwilling fall into these Traps and your new brokerage will be little help. They will chalk it up to a lesson learned and that isn't for everyone.
Having a mentor and the ability to listen to that mentor will save you a ton of heartache and wasted money.

Some times the simplest thing is the correct. You are brand new and you dont need any shiny objects or magic pills. What you need to do is get a MEMORY JOGGER. <----- Here is a free Memory Jogger just for you to use.

A memory jogger is a list of people you already know and who know you. These are the people who know you and trust you. By now they already know you are a realtor and you really don't want to keep puking on them the fact you are a realtor.

I think the drip approach is the best. People will immediately forgive the firehouse of spew about being a realtor. This author learned the hard way. My poor mother.

Once you get your list of people together you can add these folks to your social media platform. In this case Facebook. Friend them. That's right, add these people to your friends list. Make sure you follow their feeds( this is automatic) .
Using a formula of 50/20/5/1.
Likes on Facebook is like a virtual handshake. You need to like 50 peoples post a day, then you can comment 20 times a day. Engage with 5 people a day and ask for the business once a day. After 365 days you have had over 1825 conversations. You will have asked business 365 times a years. The law of average is that you will win 10% of the time. Or 36 transactions a year. SImple right

Next we will talk about how to sort and qualify those 365 people. Rince and repeat and you will have over 1800 people in five years. The Best agents on the planet have a database of 2000 people with 100 A clients. Alas more on that later ....

Good Luck

Author John Ruckman

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